Us: we are a team of ‘’cultural workers’’, university professors, journalists and collectors reunited in the organization ‘’Associazione Culturale Immagina’’. We are fond of Fantastic Imagery!

Vision: we imagine a world in which people are conscious that the present (moment/day) is just one of all the possible worlds.

Mission: we enhance and promote/popularize all the manifestations of Fantastic, from its XIXth origins to the modern variations concerning the genres of science fiction, horror and fantasy. We have a really great time

What we do and how we do it:

1. We manage the MUFANT, the first and only Italian MuseoLab, completely dedicated to the Fantastic:

  • Permanent exhibition
  • Temporary exhibitions (unique concepts + concomitant exhibitions with the launch of new films and TV series)
  • Events, conferences, parties, series of meetings co-planned in collaboration with cultural associations and fandoms
  • Guided tours for tourists and visits/educational workshops for schools (indoor and outdoor activities)
  • We present authors and publishers in the ‘Riccardo Valla’ library, inside the museum and in other several public libraries of Turin, which are part of the network ‘Biblioteche Civiche di Torino’. Everything is done in collaboration with Biblioteche Civiche Città Torino (the institution which manages the public libraries of Turin). In collaboration with Politecnico di Torino and Biblioteca centrale di Ingegneria (the main library of the Engineering department), we launched a project of digitization of Italian proto-science fiction essays/books.
  • We present young artists inside GAF, the museum’s contemporary art galley
  • We take part in an important social project: the staff in the exhibition area and at the ticket office is employed through scholarships/jobs and itineraries of social integration established with the association ‘Cooperativa Altra Mente’.
  • We offer internships at the museum in collaboration with universities, professional schools and training agencies; moreover, we provide trainings for ‘alternanza scuola-lavoro’ (school combined with work) for high schools.

2. We organize temporary exhibitions on behalf of third parties

3. We teach ‘Storia e storie del Fantastico’ (History and tales of Fantastic) at ‘Fondazione Università Popolare di Torino’

4. We arrange exhibitions, conferences, workshops and labs for conventions, festivals and firms:

5. We carry out social and cultural projects through public and private calls

6. We are co-founders of Club Villa Diodati, for the co-planning of events dedicated to Fantastic, together with:

Why we do it: we strongly believe in the relevance of re-evaluating those genres that are considered ‘’marginal’’, compared to the mainstream ones, that pop culture which is too often relegated to sheer entertainment, able to create productions of high stylistic and content quality.

Where we are doing it: At the edge of reality! In the northern suburbs of Turin. The museum is a new cultural garrison arose from the redevelopment of a former school building in the Borgo Vittoria neighbourhood

It is also a project of urban redevelopment and regeneration, promoted in partnership with the Vth District of Città di Torino, the Cooperativa Altra Mente (association) and AIAPP-Piemonte Valle d’Aosta.

In 2016 MUFANT won the tender ‘culturability’ supported by Fondazione Unipolis. This payout allowed us to adjust and finalise the exhibition area, to define the governance and to offer a rich and variegated calendar of events, exhibitions and meeting.

We develop constantly: among all the other activities, training course with Hangar Piemonte, mentoring culturability together with Fondazione Fitzcarraldo and Make a Cube3, mentoring Pon Metro in collaboration with Avanzi, sostenibilità per Azioni, involvement with Social Crowfunding Academy on behalf of Torino Social Innovation, curated by the European Crowfunding Center.

We are not alone! Here are the Association’s partners that cooperate, organising meetings and attending the exhibitions.

In 2018 we won the tender AxTO, azioni per le periferie urbane, sponsored by Città di Torino and another tender, called Pon Metro, promoted by Torino Social Innovation as a partner of the association Cooperativa Altra Mente.