Trek Land area

This room which MUFANT has dedicated to Star Trek was created thanks to the collaboration with Stefanie Groener, one of the most active Italian collectors in the Star Trek universe.

The Groener collection is periodically updated with new items on the occasion of the events organized in collaboration with the Star Trek Torino.

Action figures, gadgets, toys, stickers, cosplay costumes, large props: from the 70s to our days.

Born as a television phenomenon, Star Trek has later reached cinema, cartoons, novels, video games, cosplay, becoming a model of transmedia storytelling.

Star Trek is one of the best-known and loved onscreen sci-fi sagas.

In 1966 the first series created by Gene Roddenberry and which is now called “Classics“, was released in the USA with a destiny to become one of the most popular TV hits of all times and to introduce a new way of serial storytelling, based on a vast, complex and detailed imaginary universe, characterized by its consistency and continuity.

Star Trek tells a story of the Enterprise starship which is a part of the United Federation of Planets, a home for countless number of people and races belonging to different star systems.

In a historical period dominated by the Cold War, Roddenberry offers a series essentially focused on the exploration of the Universe, which gives us numerous opportunities to meet different people and cultures.

For the first time in the television history, the co-stars – among the crew members – include a Japanese, a woman of African origin, several Americans, a Scot, an alien and, above all, a Russian.

One of the most popular episodes is the one titled Humiliated by Force Majeure (11/22/1968) in which Lieutenant Uhura and Captain Kirk share the first interracial kiss in the history of the American television.

With its various and successful incarnations during such a long time – including two new franchise series launched in 2020, The Discovery and The Picard – Star Trek has become a cult phenomenon and has created one of the biggest and the most active fandoms in the world.

Star Trek has made a significant contribution to the representation of artificial intelligence through characters such as Data – the second android officer of the Enterprise spaceship in Star TrekThe Next Generation – and the fearsome Borg, aggressive alien cybernetic entities and dangerous enemies of the Federation.