RAI Television Science Fiction section

On the ground floor of the museum past the ticket office, you can get into the first permanent exhibition area which presents and explores the television science fiction, produced or broadcast by the RAI with a particular focus on the Golden age of science fiction TV dramas of the 1970s.

This section which includes props, illustrative panels, audiovisual extracts, and photographs taken from the RAI displays was created in collaboration with the RAI 4 Wonderland broadcast on the occasion of the RAI’s 60th anniversary celebration.

A journey into the science fiction of the Italian public TV began from a distant January 13th, 1954 – the date of the first science fiction transmission of Gli Eroi di Carta (The Paper Heroes). Dalla Terra alla Luna (From the Earth to the Moon) – passing through the great drama series of the 70s, up to the cult TV shows of the 90s.

This section presents the original set design of the Antro della Strega Varana (Cave of the Witch Varana) used in the La Melevisione broadcast, a cult TV program for children broadcast by the Rai 3 from 1999 to 2010.

And That’s why I Tore it, Fannidada, video installation, 2017.

This exhibition area hosts the permanent video installation created by the artistic duo Fannidada from Turin, a tribute to the work of the American artist Nam Jun Paic.

The video installation composed of modified TVs and monitors is continuously projecting video extracts from the legendary RAI drama series such as Gamma, A come Andromeda, Jekyll.