Mad Doctors, dinosaurs, aliens

We are in the midst of the contemporary science fiction imagery, an exhibition hall that explores some of the great protagonists and major characters of cinema and television science fiction.

“Mad Doctor”: the mad scientist who, from the cinema’s early days, has starred in the first silent science fiction films, has been passing through the whole science fiction cinematography from the Hollywood golden age of the 1950s and 1960s to contemporary movies about Marvel and DC superheroes.

Dinosaurs: from the “Lost World” (“Mondo Perduto”) to Godzilla and Jurassic Park’s creatures. The section exhibits the “Andrea Salimbeti collection” made up of over 100 proportional scale models of dinosaurs that really existed.

Extraterrestrials: from Alien to ET – the two extremes of aliens’ representation in cinema – from Space:1999 (Spazio:1999) and UFO – iconic British TV series produced by Jerry and Sylvia Anderson -, up to a UFO section, set up in collaboration with CISU – Centro Italiano Studi UFOs (Italian Center of the UFO’s studies).