Anime area

This area is completely dedicated to Japanese cartoons and collectible toys.

A large collection of models, toys and vintage items, costumes, props, super 8 films, 45 rpm soundtracks, gadgets, stickers, magazines, from the very first anime by Go Nagai and Leiji Mastumoto, followed by the real robots of Yoshiyuki Tomino and the Evangelion by Hideaki Anno.

A large section of the exhibition hosts the “Mastroianni collection” of Transformers, toys created by the Japanese company Takara and distributed by Hasbro.

The section displays the valuable collection donated to the museum by the Mastroianni family, in memory of the collector Roberto Mastroianni.

The exhibition goes on to explore the Japanese Super Robots, dedicating a wide space to the “golden decade“, which started in the late 1970s, with the anime starring “giant robots”.

The first robotic anime in the history of the Italian television – Atlas Ufo Robot – was broadcast on Tuesday, 4 April 1978 at 6.45 pm in the early evening “Buonasera con …” of the old Rete 2 with the iconic introduction by the announcer Mariagiovanna Elmi.

With Goldrake, a compelling rise of the Japanese cartoon in Italy has begun, which, shortly thereafter, would spread across a multitude of private television networks.